Kraft Honeycomb Paper

  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
  • Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper
Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper

Reel Kraft Honeycomb Paper

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Our advantage:

1) We are professional honeycomb paper machine manufacturer

2) We also make honeycomb reel paper in our own packing material factory and export directly

3) We have our own machine design and development ability,so we know how to improve machine cutting quality on the finished paper and always do good maintenance to the machine.So delivery time will be promised.

4) Also because of machine is designed by ourselves,so the cost of the honeycomb reel paper will be very competitive.

Packing details

Paper thickness:


Finished size/Roll

Paper box size/Roll


80gsm(60,70 or special as option)

30cmx100m length

30cm x dia. 13



50cmx100m length

50cm x dia. 13



30cmx250m length

30cm x dia. 20



50cmx250m length

50cm x dia. 20



More information about this honeycomb paper

Kraft paper alternative to bubble wrap. Expands to provide cushioning around fragile products.
Honeycomb paper wrapping,easy to stretch,more soft and flexible,provide cushion protect withoutsurface scratch.
* Compact converter and flexible solution. * No need for tape due to interlocking paperstructure. This paper wrapper is suitable for smaller packaging environments in which one has to pack itemsoccasionally, such as e-commerce dealing with limited space and funds.
Honeycomb Paper Wrapping Dispenser, Alternative to Plastic Bubble Wrap,this Wrapper is the eco-friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning. This cushioningwrapping material is created on demand, saving valuable space and time in the process. The kraft paper expands in a honeycomb structure.

A sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable alternative to traditional bubble wrap. With this packing material made from kraft paper, you can tightly wrap odd-sized and over-sized items.

The sustainable wrap cushioning kraft paper provides exceptional protection and prevents damage for a wide range of goods. Perfect from small home small biz and big e-commerce stores!

Why its good

When dispensed it expands to a 3D honeycomb structure, providing the most innovative and visually stunning packaging solution. No need to cut the wrap, simply tear and it will lock onto itself (yes reducing plastic tape too!) Only use the amount you need and the rest stays snug in the dispenser!

Made from: Naturally biodegradable, compostable materials

Kraft Paper Packaging, Honeycomb Packaging, Green Packaging

ur combination of Kraft wrapping paper rolls and honeycomb paper is the perfect packaging material when shipping handmade crafts, items made of glass, or even heavier auto part products. Honeycomb paper unique properties help protect glass during shipping. Papers recycle durable design also cradles and cushions heavier metal products or greasy products like automotive parts.

Our this paper can match machine brand PaperEZ Wrap,Geami WrapPak,HEXCEL OFFICE EXPANDER.And paper is Made by our another new design machine Honeycomb paper making machine and Honeycomb paper die cutting machine. Honeycomb paper wrapping is easy to stretch, is softer and more flexible than traditional kraft paper.

Wrapping Kraft Paper Packaging, Honeycomb Packaging offers a wrapping solution that is fast and easy, offers surface protection to a wide range of products, makes you stand out of the crowd because it is a one-of-a kind wrapping material that adds beauty and a touch or sophistication to your products (which we know makes happy customers).

Ideal for start-ups, retail stores and small warehouses that have one thing in common, limited space available for packing, fulfilling and shipping.