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Wenzhou Snda Machinery Co., Ltd, over 20 Years-China Honeycomb paper making machine,Paper honeycomb machine,Honeycomb paper machine,pre-open bag making machine,pre-opened bag machine,pre-opened bag on-a-roll making machine manufacturer and solution supplier. We are located in ruian city which is the packing machinery capital of China.We are a professional packing paper,  wrapping paper,wrapping plastic bag machinery manufacturer.Products include the honeycomb paper forming machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper cutting machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper making machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper die cutting machine,honeycomb paper cushion making machine,ho...



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  • 09 2016-01 New website online.
    We are the leading and professional China Honeycomb paper making machine,Paper honeycomb machine,Honeycomb paper machine
  • 28 2021-02 What is kraft paper
    Kraft paper usually maintains its yellowish-brown color and is suitable for bags and wrapping paper. Depending on the na
  • 25 2021-05 What is honeycomb paper
    Honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly, strong, and costs effective Kraft paper packaging material formed with hexagonal cel
  • 23 2021-05 About paper honeycomb wrapping roll
    Paper honeycomb, or simply ‘Honeycomb’ as it is addressed informally, has best-in-class characteristics through the comb