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Our improvement on the pre-opened bag converting machine perforation

Our improvement on the pre-open bag on-a-roll making machine perforation

If we come to compare these two bag as above first,we can find that the difference of the two bag is the perforation line,the left bag has two perforation line but the right one has only one,or we say the left bag has one more pre-cut line on our pre-open bag on-a-roll making machine.

The first line which both bags have is just for the pre-open rubber roller to make pre-open on the bag top,so each bag has such same perforation line,and it’s necessary in our pre-open bag machine,can not be missed.

About the extra line below the main perforation line which the left bag has,actually this line is made by one more pre-cut perforation blade on our pre-opened bag making machine,by this extra pre-cut line,we can easily open the bag after we seal the bag and want to use.One more thing is this extra pre-cut easy open perforation line can not be only 100% full dotted cutting,but also can be less such as 50%-80% open,this will not only help to make sure the bag sealing quality,loading ability,also can make open easily too compare to full open.And this less width pre-cut perforation line is made accord to our new technology:try to fix some less blades onto the perforating blade holder.



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