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Our improvement on the pre-open bag on-a-roll making machine unwinding

Our improvement on the pre-open bag on-a-roll making machine unwinding. 

As a professional manufacturer on the pre-opened bag making machine or we say pre-opened bag converting machine for over 10 years,currently our machine has been improved much and on the unwinding part,the function as more as below:

1)    One tube reel film(sleeve form) feeding,this is simple,just need our pre-open bag machine to do feeding,punching(round hole punching or corner punching or handle banana punching,mexico hat punching etc.),heating sealing(can be one single line sealing,also can be two sealing line there to get a top header bag, perforating,pre-open and then rewinding.

2)    Two sheet flat reel film feeding,this type feeding require our machine to install two more side heat sealing and cutting blade to slit the reel film longitudinally at the both side around 5-10mm to form the two sheet film to one tube film,then our autobag bag making machine can make such roll bag by punching,heat sealing,perforation cutting and pre-open till final rewinding step.

3)    One layer bigger width sheet film feeding.This bigger width film feeding actually is popular in Europe and USA because customer usually can get better and easy printing to one layer film by their current printing machine and then thi require our rollbag making machine to fix one triangle folding frame(or we called A frame) to fold the film to half and then we just need to do one side sealing to form it to tube,then feeding this tube for pre-open bag making.

So these 3 types of film feeding all can be accepted by our pre-open bag making machine or our customer can just choose either one to run machine easily.



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