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Bag By Bag Printing Machine

This Bag by bag printing machine/piece by piece printing machine/sheet by sheet printing machine is a kind of ideal equipment for non-woven fabric(with printing or not) bag,paper bag,plastic bag printing seperately(bag by bag),high speed,lower cost.

Pre-open Perforated Bag Making Machine
This pre-open perforated bag making machine/bag-on-roll making machine has much functions as photoelectricautomatic tracking microcomputer length setting,highlimit stopping,automaticcounting,automatic alarm on reaching the set value,high compensation accuracywith such characteristics as neat bags,little error and high automatic of wholemachine,so it is a kind of ideal equipment for producing pre-open bag to match the line of autobag,titan,sharp packing machine.
Sj35 Mini Film Blowing Machine

This SJ35 Mini film blowing machine, lab film blowing machine is suitable to use one kg plastic granule to blow HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE film,it's a necessary equipment for color masterbatch testing,laboratory working. 

Paper twisted handle loop making machine
Introduction This machine is mainly supporting semi-automatic paper bag machines. It can quickly produce paper handle with twisted rope,which can beattached onto the paper bag without handles in further production and make it into paper handbags.This machine takes two narrow paper rollsand one paper rope as raw material sticks scraps of paper and paper rope together,which will be cut off gradually to form paper handles.In addition,the machine also has automatic counting and gluing functions,whicch can greatlyimprove the efficiency of subsequent processing operations of users. Features: 1.The machine is easy to operate and can produce paper handles with high speed usually reach 170 pairs per minute. 2.We design and offer the optional auto-production line,which can automatic gluing replace the human gluing procedure so that help to reduce lots of labor cost.It is strongly advice the paper bag producing factory use the auto-produce Line that also support customize. 3.The unit paper bag can lift the heavy things of 15 kg at most,when the tension of raw materials reaches a certain level. 4.This machine adopts Huangshang melt-glue machine of Taiwan with service points in many countries,can provide customers with the fastest service.
Paper Food Bag Making Machine
This full automatic high speed paper food bag making machine is used for forming the paper bag in single process from roll paper, both side folding, tube forming, cutting, gluing, bottom folding, bottom gluing and finishing bag. Easy operation, low power consumption, high efficiency. It is an ideal machine for producing food bags like bread bags, KFC bags and McDonald’s bags.
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