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Headrest Cover Making Machine
Headrest cover making machine is for Non woven fabric sheet cutting after the thread,ribbon,rope,string,adhesive tape etc. is feeding and attached.The machine is our newest design accord to customer special requirement on the new products.It has much functions as computer control,high speed frequency conversion,fix length setting automatic counting and sound light alarm,it is a necessary equipment for roll material cutting.
Bag By Bag Printing Machine

This Bag by bag printing machine/piece by piece printing machine/sheet by sheet printing machine is a kind of ideal equipment for non-woven fabric(with printing or not) bag,paper bag,plastic bag printing seperately(bag by bag),high speed,lower cost.

Opp Side Sealing Bag Making Machine
This OPP Side sealing bag making machine/OPP bag making machine is suitable for thermal cutting and bag making of such printing...
Double Channel T Shirt Bag Making Machine
This Double channel T shirt bag making machine/shopping bag making machine/Vest bag making machine is suitable for producing HDPE and LDPE plastic film t shirt bag,shopping bag and vest bag.It adopts the servomotor discharge the material in high speed and photocell to track the cutting,high efficiency and high finished products.
Pre-open Perforated Bag Making Machine
This pre-open perforated bag making machine/bag-on-roll making machine has much functions as photoelectricautomatic tracking microcomputer length setting,highlimit stopping,automaticcounting,automatic alarm on reaching the set value,high compensation accuracywith such characteristics as neat bags,little error and high automatic of wholemachine,so it is a kind of ideal equipment for producing pre-open bag to match the line of autobag,titan,sharp packing machine.
Sj35 Mini Film Blowing Machine

This SJ35 Mini film blowing machine, lab film blowing machine is suitable to use one kg plastic granule to blow HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE film,it's a necessary equipment for color masterbatch testing,laboratory working. 

Reel Fabric Slitting&cutting Machine
This Reel Fabric Slitting&Cutting Machine is design for non woven fabric sheet,paper, paper-plastic, multicolor laminated material, etc. slitting and cutting at the same time,it has function such as computer control,high speed frequency conversion,fix length setting automatic counting and sound light alarm,it is a necessary equipment for roll material cutting.It adopts servo motor (or stepless motor) for controlling constant-length cutting.  It adopts pneumatic, photoelectric sensor for controlling transmission system, with photo, electric, gas together, it has the functions of easy operation, high precision, good stability, low noise. (Pneumatic auto loading device is optional)  This machine has the functions of the frequency converter timing device, auto-matic counting, stop working by alarm and tension adjustment by magnetic powder or manual with friction unit.
Reel Paper Sheet Cutting Machine
This Reel paper sheet cutting machine/piece cutting machine/cross cutting machine/roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for cutting rolling materials such as, chrome paper, coated paper and kraft paper, etc. It's much more suitable for production of paper making and paper process industry. Adopts pneumatic automatic materials-in system with much easy operation and convenience. Adopts imported heavy vertical type cutters with orderly finished products.It has automatic lifting device on the unwinding unit and stacking table for finished product collecting.
Top Sealing Flow Wrapping Machine

This Top Sealing Flow Wrapping Machine is specially designed for the packaging of vegetables,flowers with sealing on the top and bottom;it can wrap one or more pcs of vegetables, flowers.


Vertical Type Slitting Machine(min.30mm)
This Slitting Machine(min.30mm) is suitable for slitting and rewinding such various roll materials as BOPP,PET,CPP,CPE,PVC,aluminum foil and paper,etc.and can cut edge separate and cut the material according to different requirements during production
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